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Welcome to my site


Hi y'all,


Kick back, knock your shoes off, and settle in for a  global journey that will gain you access through the  backdoors of cultures, communities, creation, horse racing and the personal lives of the "well known" to the up and coming, those who aspire for greatness, as well as those who don't yet know what soaring with eagles is all about.


My mission is to bring to you and your families, the essence of the moment, those treasures in time, that are memorialized by the awesome invention of the camera.


If you'd like to see the smiles on your loved one's faces while playing at a water park, scuba diving at a crystal-clear Florida Spring, your horse or dogs running in the ocean surf, you snorkeling with dolphins, your child's first swim, or perhaps even a underwater wedding, then please contact me, as I too, share your zeal!


I also believe that diversity & networking coast to coast are a "good thing", therefore, on my "Contact" link, I've included links to the sites of other friend's businesses who are reliable, credible and also aspire to greatness. While on the "Contact" link, kindly sign my guestbook and let me know you've dropped by.


Come along with me and see, as the best is yet to be!






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