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About Me:


First off, my sincere thanks for taking the time to investigate my webpage, services, and photographic abilities.


 In brief, I am a well traveled, joy-filled, lover of life, who is an animal advocate and gadget-girl. I've lived everywhere from inland, to the Rocky Mountains, to the country, to the jungle, to the shores of the tropical seas.


 I've held numerous professional positions beginning in the Food Industry, then to Professional Horseracing, from there, Clinical Laboratory diagnostics, and onto becoming a Paralegal. My vast array of experiences in food, medical science, sports and law, have deepened my understanding of what it takes to capture a truly good and artistic photograph.


 As a former professional Thoroughbred Jockey, I know what it takes to capture the mood and elegance of a racehorse in motion. Having been a Cytogenetic Tech., working in microscopy for 15 yrs. the world of macro photography is equally exciting.


 As my gallery of photos reveal, there is no part of God's creation, from the moon to the molecule, on land or under the sea, no animal, plant or bug too big or too small for my attentions. 


 I've been a "shutterbug" for over 40 yrs. now, and love having the opportunity to isolate moments in time through photography. My first camera was a Polaroid Instamatic, then to a 126mm, a 110mm, a 35mm SLR, and now to a 35mm DSLR, including video. I'm finding the digital world tremendously rewarding.

As you view my photos, you’ll see that I’ve included many images that others might discard. However, the “artist in me” considers many of them perfect as desktop images, screensavers, watercolors, and other medium that one might overlay text upon, or as background. The digital age also allows me to creatively express my vision in recreating these images as still-life subject matter for myself, or other artists to obtain

"It my pleasure to share my vision with you. Please contact me with your questions."



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